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Poor Man Ian and Poor Man Drew just trying to entertain... Hope you like it!

Mar 28, 2024

Appearing on his 1st podcast this 18 year old pinball friggin legend joins Orby to chat about how the hell the 800th ranked dude from a not well known pinball loco like Idaho managed to take 5th place at Pinmasters! Orbital Albert thinks this rad pinball nerd could be top 25 or even top 10 or better someday, possibly...

Mar 27, 2024

In this episode Foghorn Leghorn and Craft Brew Sally talk about facebook marketplace shenanigans. The team talks about whether or not to buy into the BBQ challenge raffle. After that the team goes over what it might take to secure a music pin rights.

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Mar 27, 2024

Orby says sorry not fuckin sorry this pod is 3 hours so quit cher bitchin and just listen to 30 min at a time or only one hour here there and everyfuckinwhere! SORRY for the delay my voice was frickin worse then Fran Dressers until meow.....THANK YOU TO EVERY FRIGIIN SPONSOR, and EVERYONE who helped Haydude and I out in...

Mar 21, 2024

This week mOw and Craft Brew Sally kick around the ol' soccer ball in Fifa 10. Did the Wii Suck team start fighting like a bunch of rowdies or did they settle their on field disputes sanely like hockey players? Tune In and find out!


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Mar 13, 2024

In this episode Foghorn Leghorn and Craft Brew Sally talk about their trip to Minnesota, and how the timing affected Canada. The team also reviewed how their dreams were dashed by a recent quote for their Basement Barcade. After that they lightly lit the charcoal of the BBQ pinball machine. Can you smell what the...