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Poor Man Ian and Poor Man Drew just trying to entertain... Hope you like it!

Sep 28, 2023

This week mOw and Craft Brew Sally run all like super fast right into the realization that Sonic MIGHT have wanted to stop at the first one or two. Is this harsh realization justified? Tune in to find out!

Sep 21, 2023

In this episode Foghorn Leghorn and Craft Brew Sally muse about the possibility of a pinball company launching a true "custom shop".  Could the pinball world sustain such a crazy idea?  tune in to find out! 

Craft Brew Sally talked about how many breweries we have been to. Care to venture a guess? Don't bother... just...

Sep 15, 2023

Orby yaks about a wide range of nerdy pinball news including the possibility of a Pokemon pin, Road Trip, Elements, and they relaunch of Final Resistance by Scott Danesi from P3 Multimorphic. Will PMPP continue? EAT SLEEP BREATHE PINBALL

Sep 13, 2023

This week mOw and Craft Brew Sally tease up their hair, slide into their spandex and ROCK OUT! Does the Van Halen game totally rock like a jumping split or just kinda exist like hair metal bands since 1987? Tune in to find out!

Sep 12, 2023

In this episode Drew discusses

-Stern QC

-JJP Assessories

-New gameroom

-Future of Poormans Pinball Podcast

-Expo Booth and more!!!!