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Poor Man Ian and Poor Man Drew just trying to entertain... Hope you like it!

Jul 29, 2023

Orby's talks about his top 5 fav features in Stern's Newest Pin Venom as well as the one thing that bugs him about it. He also chats all things Ontario arcade trip. 

Jul 26, 2023

This week mOw and Craft Brew Sally dive head first into the plastic block money machine that IS Lego. Does the Pirates Lego game parlay into a bountiful booty of joy or does it wallow in the pig sty with Lego Mr. Gibbs? Tune in to find out... savvy?!?

Jul 20, 2023

In this episode Foghorn Leghorn and Craft Brew Sally talk about the Godzilla update, Stern proving once again they are the masters of trolling us all and who needs art blades anyway? Oh, apparently we do!

Craft Brew Sally reviewed the gift that keeps on giving, of course I mean the source of my deep seated jealousy......

Jul 17, 2023

After a month off Orby makes his triumpant return just to wish our fearless leader Drew a Happy Birthday and oh yeah talk aboot a months worth of pinball news squeezed into just one episode! Enjoint nerds!

Jul 12, 2023

This week mOw and Craft Brew Sally rent some shoes and feather our mullets, and by that i mean it is time to BOWL! Not just any bowling, Brunswick PRO Bowling. Did this game score a 300 in our hearts or was it a gutter ball for all? Tune in to find out!