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Poor Man Ian and Poor Man Drew just trying to entertain... Hope you like it!

Dec 4, 2021

We talk to Martin about all his crazy adventures.  Pinball, podcasting, public access tv, etc.   And, Tim decides to disappear for 20 minutes!

Nov 27, 2021

Ian joins me for episode 109 as we discuss all the manufacturers and Ian tells us where he's been and what he's doing!

Nov 26, 2021

Ian...the real Ian joins me for a fun filled expletive filled rant that we like to call F%^K IT FRIDAY! ENJOY!!!!

Nov 19, 2021

In this episode Drew discusses MGC and new games and his new basement and more exciting stuff coming up for PMPP

Nov 18, 2021

We talk to Arrie about his awesome pinball toppers and expo adventures!